Desktop Tower Defense

I don’t play games much, but I’ve always admired simple ones that are also compelling. Desktop Tower Defense is in that category… small and simple – it’s a Flash app that just runs in your browser and is supported by advertising – but it’s fiendishly good fun.

Basically, the enemy is trying to cross your land and you have to defend yourself by building various sorts of gun turrets. But some of the guns don’t fire that fast so you need to give yourself the maximum time to defeat the dastardly invaders, which means building your gun turrets in the form of a maze…

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This is evil! I was just about to go to bed last night when I saw this on your website – I’m rather tired today! It also seems to have diverted Paul from what he was working at over the Easter break as well..

As with many flash games it’s more fun it you point directly at the swf and make the browser full screen.

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