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Hee hee…. this is fabulous…

At the ‘rapture’, when all good Christians will be whisked away to heaven, they may be kicking themselves that they didn’t leave behind some words of wisdom for their loved ones below, perhaps a last plea for them to accept the gospel. My knowledge of escatological theology is far too rusty for me to remember whether changing your mind at this stage is actually an option still on offer, but if it is, I’d have thought that the sudden disappearance of millions of people would be enough of a hint that it might be worth considering.

However, if you’re still worried, you can relax because there is, of course, a web service to cater even for this. At you can upload and store securely all your important messages and documents, which will automatically be sent by email to those who are left, a few days after the rapture occurs.

You can include your bank account details, powers of attorney etc so that your unfortunate friends and relatives can have fewer legal hassles after you’ve gone because, let’s face it, that’s the last thing anyone wants to worry about as they prepare for the everlasting fires of Hell.

Thanks to Bill Thompson for the link. Wonderful stuff.

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I you were, or will be raptured in the next ten years, what will happen to your pets? Your dog might be left all alone. Don’t worry though, as a team of dedicated atheists (who will be left behind at rapture time), guarantee to look after your pets – for a fee. Seems reasonable to me:

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