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Oh, and while I’m on the subject of iPhone software, here’s a handy hint. In the browser and in various other apps there’s a special ‘.com’ key which saves you a few keystrokes.

What’s not so obvious is that you can press and hold on that key to get some other options.

Now, if someone can work out how to add ‘’…


Thanks for this — I didn’t know.

I sent your post to a friend. He *did* know about this and tells me that setting your keyboard to English UK gives you ‘’ as an option. (You lose ‘.net’.)

On my iPhone the options are ,edu .org .com
Maybe it depends on if you have selected English (UK) keyboard in Settings/General/Keyboard/International/English (UK) Keyboards/

Good tip, I can’t count the number of times I’ve typed in “”.

Maybe there’s been a software update since July ’08, but I have all five domains on mine.

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