Perchance to tweet?

The spellchecker on my iPhone 6 doesn’t know the word ‘perchance’! I desired to use it in a perfectly ordinary sentence today, and found I had to spell it out, confirming my intent with the leftmost of the available buttons.

Maybe ’tis only acceptable when followed by “to dream”? Or embedded in a flow of iambic pentameter?
In either case, you will agree this is a serious flaw, which is, no doubt, addressed in the latest version of the operating system.

Sadly, my iPhone is deemed too archaic to be able to run that version! Or perhaps it’s the owner…

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Or even “… tis the owner…”, or in Yorkshire, “… tis t’ owner…”? I wonder if Shakespeare ever visited Yorkshire? Might have yielded some funny passages!

🙂 I was delighted when a pretty young lass in a Yorkshire pub recently told us she could bring us the dessert menu later ‘if tha changes tha mind’.

She was telling us about her recent trips to Beijing and Indonesia, and then asked where we were from. “Cambridge”, I said.

“Ooh”, she responded. “I’ve never visited The South…”

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