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The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond

Tilly, captured on her afternoon walk by my iPhone 6. It’s a pretty good camera in the right conditions, given the size of the lens. Click to see more detail.

If this shot looks vaguely familiar, you might have seen this one a couple of years ago.

Mistress of all she surveys

Tilly at Wimpole Hall

Or so she believes, anyway…

Standing guard




Lovely cartoon by Mobii, who has since done several variations on the theme. I ‘liked’ this on Facebook recently, but wanted to save it in a place where I could find it again…



Strike a pose

Rose & Tilly

Rose and Tilly this afternoon



Beacon Park, Lichfield

Inquisitive companions

Tilly and I had a lovely early walk at Wimpole Hall today. But we weren’t alone…

Calves at WImpole Hall

As the poet said,

Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive
But to be young, with four legs and a waggy tail, was very heaven.

Sports hound

Had fun with some high-speed shots of Tilly chasing her ball on the college hockey pitch this morning.



You can click here to see a few more.

Tilly still had energy left afterwards to do her meerkat impression, though…



Cornering at speed



A crawl in the woods?


I’ve been experimenting with low camera angles – something that hasn’t been so easy with my Canon 6D, since it doesn’t have an articulated viewfinder, so to get shots like these you normally have to lie on the ground if you want to see what you’re taking. But the built-in wifi means that you can, instead, put the camera down low and use your phone as a viewfinder, which is what I did today.


The shallow depth of field was deliberate – I quite like the effect.

Inebriated cephalopod

I love this photo, posted on Facebook recently by Mark Littlewood.


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