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A crawl in the woods?


I’ve been experimenting with low camera angles – something that hasn’t been so easy with my Canon 6D, since it doesn’t have an articulated viewfinder, so to get shots like these you normally have to lie on the ground if you want to see what you’re taking. But the built-in wifi means that you can, instead, put the camera down low and use your phone as a viewfinder, which is what I did today.


The shallow depth of field was deliberate – I quite like the effect.

Inebriated cephalopod

I love this photo, posted on Facebook recently by Mark Littlewood.


Top Cat


This beauty was surrounded by admiring photographers on Sunday morning, and seemed to enjoy the attention.

White World

White world by Quentin Stafford-Fraser (quentinsf)) on

Oh! It didn’t look like that last time!

Evening Hunter


Tilly in action on a recent walk.

The Englishman Abroad

Complete with fashionable headgear, knobbly knees, trusty hound, and Brompton (on kind loan from John)

Even mad dogs and Englishmen have been choosing early evening for cycling excursions here: it’s been very hot over the last few days. Light showers have made for a more autumnal climate today, though, which makes a nice change.

You’ll notice that, despite this being prime Tour-de-France country only a few miles from the Col de Tourmalet, my parents and I have somehow managed to cycle in the one flat valley in the area.

That’s just for our warm-up training, of course…

How I stop Quentin from working….

…when we really should be going for a walk…

Il Cane

Il Gatto

May I?

I’m not quite sure if I’m allowed to have this. But we could have a fun chasing game if you wanted to take it away from me….

Autumnal access

Autumn colours at Coton. And Tilly demonstrating that gates are intended for humans and not for spaniels.

(Another iPhone shot)


Tilly had her first experience of boating today, in my inflatable kayak. She couldn’t quite decide whether to be nervous or not…

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