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Magnolia Moon

Our magnolia only blooms for a very few days a year, but it’s glorious when it does.

One more moonshot

Three days after my previous one, a gloriously orangey moon, but now partly in shadow, so you get to see a few more contours.

I don’t really have the proper equipment for this; this is a crop from a photo taken with a 200mm zoom lens on my Fuji XT-2. But I’m still quite pleased with the result.

You can click on the image to see a slightly larger version, and go here for a map of where the lunar landings were.

I’ve never really looked this closely before, but it’s cool that I can at least identify the basic locations from my study window.

Buzz Aldrin’s footprint is about here:

Harvest Moon

Well, almost.



An amazingly bright moon tonight but this was still a 50 sec exposure. I used F/22 to get a bit of a starburst effect. Moon pictures are hard 🙂 Got too cold to carry on….

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