Nokia Smart2go

February 13th, 2007

Nokia’s starting to produce some quite interesting software for their smartphones. I wrote a little while ago about the podcast-listening application, and now they’ve come out with Smart2Go, a free and very capable mapping program – think of some mix of Google Maps, Google Earth, and Tom Tom.

They’re giving it away, but some of the services, such as Tom-Tom-style navigation using your bluetooth or built-in GPS, need to be paid for on a time basis. So if you’re visiting Italy for just a week, you can get a 7-day license for voice-based navigation and guidance for £4.29. The app is pretty heavy on network bandwidth, so if you’re not on a flat rate you may want to use the Windows app which lets you pre-download the maps to your phone.

Quite nice.

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2 Responses to “Nokia Smart2go”

  1. scipio Says:

    well, the whole logic of the hybrid model of smart2go is to download once and then avoid the download completely. in this sense, it does save a lot of bandwidth. it just costs a bit the first time. get the map loader and load the maps you like … still a bit slow though, but i hope this will get better …

  2. Wiley Says:

    Has anyone found the maploader software unworkably slow? I’m trying to download a UK map which is 90mb and the counter is just going up and up currently on 12,000 hours to download, hang on – 12,567 hours now.

    Software is top notch but downloading appears to be an issue.


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