Redundant Yuletide Instructions?

Waitrose are, once again, selling mice pies under the ‘Heston’ brand. Apparently, this is something to do with a celebrity chef and has nothing to do with Ben Hur.

Anyway, they’re rather good, as you can see from the emptiness of the packet.

However, I couldn’t help feeling that since they were mince pies, and in particular ‘Night Before Christmas Mince Pies’, the label ‘Best before 14th January’ might be somewhat superfluous?

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It took me a couple of readings to understand 6 “Night Before Christmas” Mince Pies, because 6 Nights Before Christmas Mince Pies are completely different.

I always used to pick up a box of Heston mince pies just after getting on the west bound M4 after Chiswick. The packaging has certainly improved!

At least that best before occurs after Christmas. I have observed fully festively packaged mince pies when I went back to Uni in September one year… they were out of date by halloween.

“Waitrose are, once again, selling mice pies” – ooee!

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